Ignite Family – You’re Invited!

Here at Inspired, there are a number of amazing opportunities and I would love to tell you all about them in this 45 minute Lunch & Learn Session!

Between our sister company Island Living magazine and my new Inspired Hub Membership, there are so many great things available to help YOU and your business.

I invite you to get your lunch and join me in the Ignite Co-lab on the 5th floor for all the details!

ISLAND LIVING (www.ipn.bm):
Bermuda’s more widely distributed magazine – available in print and online!
If you have been thinking of getting your business and name out there through expert articles, advertising, expanding your social media presence and creating more publicity for yourself – this is for YOU!

If you are feeling alone and isolated in you business, feeling like you are spinning your wheels to move forward with things and are really ready to take things to the next level in your business – this is 100% for YOU!

I’ll also be giving you all the details on my upcoming SOCIAL MEDIA BASICS BOOTCAMP which is happening on February 20th-23rd! You won’t want to miss this if you are struggling in the Social world!

Chances are (and I’m 99% sure I’m right on this) that you may fall into both these categories so I’m covering BOTH in one exciting 45 minute EPIC Lunch & Learn session all about the OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOU!

DATE: Friday, February 3rd
TIME: 12:00-12:45pm
LOCATION: This event will be taking place in the Ignite Co-lab – 5th Floor.

NOTE: This event is exclusive for Ignite members only!