Consulting Position Available

Inspired and Island Property News have need for a NEW part-time consultant position for a: MARKETING COORDINATOR

Here is an initial overview of what tasks would be part of this position:


Content/Editorial Coordination

  • Coordination of monthly articles for each issue
    • Assigning to other contributing writers based on each issue topic
    • Writing of any articles if needed
    • Following up with all contributors to ensure that all content is in hand by the determined deadlines

Active Campaign – Client Communications

  • Compiling, coordination and layout of Newsletters
  • Send out of Newsletters according to a pre-determined calendar


  • Sales to add new Real Estate Agencies/Agents on the Website
  • Sales of up-sell items to Real Estate Agencies/Agents
  • Potentially could involve general sales for print and online

Realtor – Implementation

  • Create systems for reminders/scheduling of activities based on sales
  • Implementation – Coordination of Featured Properties, Rentals, Print Ads – based on sales

Distribution of Magazine

  • Continual work with the team to determine best volume at each location (increase/decrease), remove ineffective locations, add new locations!
  • Assistance with monthly initial delivery and restocking throughout the month of any locations as needed

Social Media Coordination

  • Assistance with strategies to meet Social Audience Goals for 2021
  • Working with Jen to develop monthly calendars and content for all IPN social activities to promote:
    • The magazine in general (pick up locations)
    • The E-Edition
    • Monthly Articles
    • E-Articles (based on sales)
    • Realtor Property Posts (based on sales)
    • Sign-up for Newsletters – grow the numbers
    • Advertisers Additions (provided videos etc…)
    • General Promos – visit IPN to search for properties


  • Help with developing/promoting business events
    • Realtor Celebration Party (February)
    • Contractors Awards Party (March)
    • IPN – Contractors Networking Event (September??)
    • Potentially getting involved in Home Shows such as Gorham’s


  • Acting as project manager with support for various clients based on their project needs
  • May be print or website based
  • A LOT of room to grow and to take on more business in this area
Entrepreneurial Spirit
Team Player


  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Driven to achieve results with minimal supervision
  • Expert organisational skills
  • Strong ability to multi-task
  • Outstanding communication skills
  • Ability to function well in a fast paced (sometimes chaotic) environment under tight deadlines
  • Experience with sales
  • Loves a varied work day
  • Is a team player – invested in the growth of the collective group

There is a LOT of room for growth with this position so the pay and responsibilities would adjust accordingly based on how it goes and how well you do in the role.

We have very clear and defined sales and impact goals for IPN for Inspired and expansion of this positions is 100% based on meeting and increasing sales goals and revenue for the business.



Part-Time – consultancy basis (no employee benefits to be paid)

20 hours per week

This will be reviewed monthly to track success and sales in order to increase the hours and pay rate.


Please email Jennifer Ward –

Include a brief overview of what makes you perfect for joining the Inspired team.