The Regulatory Authority (2018-2019)

The Regulatory Authority (2018-2019)

The Regulatory Authority were in need of a website that allowed them to easily manage a LOT of documents and display them in an organized and logical way. We developed website that answered all of their needs. It features a customized document manager that allows them to easily add documents and assign them to specific pages to display publicly.

We spent a great deal of time assessing the structure of the new site to make it as logical as possible when displaying a large amount of information. Maintenance of the website can now be managed in house by the RA team which was one of their main goals of the project.

This version was the initial website project designed and produced in 2018. Since then we have rebranded the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda and implemented that new brand on their website.

View the NEW website project HERE

  • Client: The Regulatory Authority of Bermuda
  • Date: August, 2018
  • Service: Website Design & Development